History Of Football

Famous Football Legends

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Five of the greatest football heroes of all time are a matter of opinion and perspective. An opinion is valid and perspective depends on when you lived and watched the game.


History of College Football Bowls

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In 1869, colleges began to have their own separate football teams that would compete against each other. While the competition was nothing new when it came to sports, the setup of the competition was something different and alluring.


Who Invented Football?

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There is perhaps no man more important than Walter Camp with regard to the early history of American football as we know it. Walter Camp was an all-around athlete, skilled in swimming, running and table tennis with a strong ethic toward physical training.


The Greatest Game Ever Played

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What was the Greatest Game Ever Played? – Many have asked and it took place forty-nine years ago on December 28, "The Greatest Game Ever Played" took place. The 1958 Championship Game NFL between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants. The location was Yankee Stadium in New York City.


The First Super Bowl

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Super bowl location history is often fascinating for those individuals interested in super bowl and football trivia. In terms of first super bowl history facts, the very first super bowl game was played in the month of January on the 15th of the month. What year was the first Superbowl played?


5 Most Shocking Super Bowl Defeats

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The history of football serves up some fascinating examples of just how exciting Super Bowl games can be. Many Super Bowls have memorable moments, but some have more memorable wins than others. In fact, there are Super Bowl victories that truly shocked football fans.

2012 Super Bowl XLVI


5 Most Fined NFL Players

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The most fined NFL players are often identified as "dirty players;" sometimes the players are fined and suspended for breaking the rules of the game or for committing game violations.


Suprising Facts In The History Of Football

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The history of football is strewn with surprising facts. Information related to how the game evolved, to how the football changed in terms of how it was made, as well as details on how the modern game's rules came into being prove fascinating to many.


History of the Pigskin

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The very first balls used in any kind of football gaming were crafted out of pig bladders; these balls were inflated. This is how the term "pigskin" came to refer to the modern day footballs made today.


A Brief History of Football

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"Football" before the 19th century referred to any number of ball games played on foot. The rules of these games differed from one another, some allowing the use of hands “running games”, others forbidding it “kicking games”.