History Of Tennis

Famous Tennis Legends

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For many years, the game of tennis has provided a lot of thrills and entertainment to millions of people worldwide. The sport has evolved from a game, which was characterized by finesse and precision, to one that is dominated by power and speed.


First French Open®

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The French Open was first held at the Stade de France in 1891; at first, it was a closed competition in which only men, and only French residents at that, could compete.


First U.S. Open®

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The US Open originated from two separate tournaments: the men's tournament and the women's tournament. August of 1881 brought forth the first event in the Men’s Tournament and took place at the Newport Casino. The championship was known as the U.S.


A Brief History of Tennis

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The history of tennis dates back several thousand years. The game was first created by European monks to be played for entertainment purposes during religious ceremonies. To begin with, the ball was hit with the hand. Soon the leather glove came into existence.


History of the Wimbledon®

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The first Wimbledon tennis championship took place in 1877 at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, UK. The event was initially held to raise money to fix a broken roller at the private club but instead, has evolved to become the most prestigious tennis event in the entire world.